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European Virtual Academy

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EVA Course Offerings in the Spring 2015

The following courses will be offered in the spring semester 2015:

  • Creative Writing for Online Media (BBU)
  • Image processing and Computerised Graphics (Prof. Gabor Klucsik,. College of Dunaújváros, Hungary)
  • Presentation Techniques (Prof. Gabor Klucsik, College of Dunaújváros, Hungary)
  • Advanced Topics in Modern Cryptography (Prof. Klaus Dohmen, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany)
  • Interactive Movies (Prof. Robert J. Wierzbicki, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany)
  • Image Interpretation Techniques (Prof. Doru Pop, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cjuj, Romania)
Please refer to the "Courses" section of this site for more information on a particular course.

IWOOTI 2014: Second International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives

The 2. International Workshop on Online Teaching Initiatives was held on November 5., 2014.  
Please finad more detailed information on the workshop at

About EVA

The EUROPEAN VIRTUAL ACADEMY project aims to provide a comfortable space for learning and teaching the universities of the XXIst century. It initiates and develops a transnational educational platform, following the general tendency for digitization of the cultural discourses. EVA offers a series of virtual online courses, developed by professors from arts and humanities sciences, linked with visual culture education. This involves professionals who already have artistic background (studies in imaginary, studies in the philosophy of visual culture, studies on film and television and so on), and their knowledge and skills are going to be placed in the context of learning. 

The educational processes are available to all the students of the participating universities. 
The program has been generated by universities in four EU countries and the participating departments are selected from the fields of arts, media, letters and philosophy. The common language tutorials is English, either spoken, or subtitled. The product is available for the participant institutions.
The EVA project was financed by the LLP program of the European Union and ran from 2011 to 2012.  
All Universities interested in joining this project are welcome.